1. Go to Roku.com and log into your account.
3. Then click “Add Channel” button.
4. You will see Nalika added message.
5. Now you can start the Roku player and see if Nalika in your Roku app list. 
If you don’t see the SLCast app in your list you need to update your player. For that press home button in Rouku remote. Then select System and Stem update. Click check now. After update is complete you should see the Nalika app in your home page.
6. Click the SLCast app in the Rouk player. After loading the app you will see all our channels. Very first time when you click any item it will ask you to link. So you can follow the instruction in the screen. 
7. After you link Roku to SLCast you can watch the Nalika channel like normal TV channels.